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ArtByNumber actually started out in 1983 as my freelance computer graphics design and programming venture, I\O Frills (the name, an hommage to Pathmark's generic label). As I got deeper into 3D and higher education, it seemed a name change was in order and so my next tribute would be to the artistic experiences of my childhood. Ironically, it was equally appropriate to this new digital medium.

In the 90s, ABN was the umbrella for all of my educational technology consulting. Working full-time (see here) soon made consulting impossible short of some pro bono stuff here and there. ABN has sat neglected for most of the new millenium. However, the time has come to resurrect the site in my image. Remember - when I\O Frills began, there were no web sites! Now, everyone's got a blog or page on MySpace or Facebook at the very least. It would seem Andy Warhol was bascially right. He simply erred in measuring our fits of fame in minutes instead of gigabytes.

So, ABN's newest incarnation will be a shameless outlet for my personal interests and creative inclinations. My background is in both music and visual arts with a healthy dose of technology. There may be a real overhaul sometime in the future but this is it right now - NO frills!