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These are the reasons I get up in the morning.


Drina - aka "The Kid"

Now a college student studying architecture, she's just the best. Sax player, stage technician and my movie companion, we have our own form of scripted communication. And she's inherited the photography bug, too. Go figure.

The Critters

Quizno - aka "The Fuzz"

Me, a small dog??? He moved in from one of our rescue runs and never looked back. The only male in the house!


Tara - aka "Barbie Dog"

The Beauty half of our doggy duo. Not a mean bone in her spotted body.


Molly - aka "World's Best Kitty"

Polydactile and erudite. Look 'em up!


The newest member
of the cabal,Katy.
Under a year old,
we love her and hope
she calms down soon!


Cunla - aka "Baby Kott"

Found as a 5 week old kitten, it's become clear why mom kicked her out of the nest...

"Who is that there, ticklin' the toes of me?" "Only me, says Cunla!"


Northern New Mexico

I lived here for several years in the 70s and, after a Rocky start, it became a necessity in my life. Photographs to follow soon.

New Mexico


"Why?" I asked myself... Here's the best reason I could come up with: If feeling loved means feeling seen, can there be a more loving act than to share what you see?