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Music's had its grip on me from as far back as my memory goes. I grew up playing piano and self-taught guitar (thanks to PBS, Frederick Noad's Finger Picking Guide and Pete Seeger). It was my intention to study ethnomusicology in college (we call it "roots music" now) but I got routed into a Theory & Composition program at NYU. Two years of that inspired me to move on.

Over the years, I've been able to collect an array of fabulous instruments and I'll try to get some photos of them online soon. Lately, I've been collecting instruments - mostly saxophones - for my daughter, who is properly infected with the fever. (We're jazz, blues and folk music consumers.) Add to that a guitar (actually, she took one of mine) and a banjo, too.

Back in the 70s, I helped a friend run his coffee house. We hosted many incredible musicians that almost no one's heard of. This cemented my feelings about the serendipity involved in "making it" in the music business. Some of the best musicians I know of are people you probably don't so I'll use this page to introduce them to you. I've the privilege to call them friends. This is pretty new so look for updates soon.

Larry Barbee Jazz and other genre's, Larry's just put out a new CD.
Steve Bloom Sought-after seesion guy, Steve's a hand drummer specializing in Celtic and Bata in the Baltimore area.
Dr. Loco's Rockin'
Jalapeño Band
Actually, Dr. Jose Cuellar, cultural anthropologist at San Francisco State and activist. We've gotten to play with the Doc and always had a blast. Lucky you if you're able to catch them! Here's a great article.
Zakir Hussain Yes, THE Zakir Hussain. Was privileged to get to know him when he did a visiting professorship at Princeton along with his wife, dancer Antonia Minnecola. No need to comment on the breadth of his musical offerings. Great people, too!
Klez Dispensers Good, old fashioned, can't sit down Klezmer with a side of Ray Scott!
Peter Langston The original renaissance guy, Peter's a Big Time techie who left it all behind (i.e. Lucasfilm) to return to his musical roots. He's in the business of leading music workshops.
the Mammals Young 'uns keeping the traditions evolving.
Walt Michael I first got to know Walt when helping out with a friend's coffee house in the 70s. At that time, he was in a local legend band, Bottle Hill. Walt's been running a phenomenal camp, Common Ground on the Hill, at McDaniel College for over 15 years now. Highly recommended!
Rackett Music for thinkers, by thinkers.
Jim Saltzman Another of Dri's sax teachers, Jim's music is fiery and aggressive. But he knows what to do with a ballad, too!
Tom Tallitsch A shameless plug for Drina's sax teacher and all-around good guy and great sax player. New CD 2/19.
Andy Wasserman Amazing talent and intellect. Master of many world instruments and author, multimedia developer. Truly in a class all his own.